About Us

Windy City Spinoni Kennels is a small kennel located just to the northwest of Chicago in Poplar Grove, IL. We only breed Spinoni and dedicate our efforts to producing some of the most well-rounded Spinoni in the country. 

Our dogs are tested in NAVHDA events and we are more than willing to help anyone wanting to train his or her dog to perform as a personal hunting dog.


Our breeding philosophy at Windy City Kennels is different than most with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Our dogs have the unique ability to adapt to any environment - from the Windy City to the windy fields. All our dogs live with us and are well socialized. As a testament to our breeding program, we have earned several NAVHDA Breeder's Awards.

Each breeding is designed to produce dogs that have the following characteristics: 

  • Strong Prey Drive
  • Natural Retrieving Instincts
  • Natural Pointing Instincts
  • Excellent Temperaments
  • Highly Social
  • Highly Trainable
  • Excellent Family Companions

We put the quality of our breeding program to the test by training some young dogs and bringing them to the finished level. They have all the necessary skills to run in the NAVHDA Utility Test - steady to wing, shot and fall, and retrieve to hand. Passing this test ensures that our breeding and training programs are successful.

Our Spinoni are great in the home and perform spectacular in the field. Working with these dogs is a true pleasure and any hunting enthusiast would be proud to hunt over a dog of this caliber.

We want all our customers to be assured that our breeding program and practices produce quality dogs and offer a comprehensive written guarantee. 


We have earned several NAVHDA Breeder's Awards as well as multiple prizes in Natural Ability and Utility Tests.